The E-library section provides services in digital format to users. Computer literacy training aimed at equipping the non ICT compliant users with skills and knowledge required for surfing the web, retrieving information from the internet and other basic computer fundamentals are carried out here. The section also helps researchers make use of open access e-journals. Our service providers are Yah Click for State powered e-library and Inter-Web via Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) for Federal powered e-library. USPF is an arm of Nigerian Communication Commission. These providers use separate V-Sat satellite dish. V-Sat is a Satellite receiver which links the e-libraries to the service providers. The State powered e-library is Wi-fi (wireless) enabled. That is to say that without wire connection, a Wi-fi enabled computer can have access to our e-library if it is within the coverage area, having obtained the password of course.